FAQs – this is what many market research participants want to know from us


What happens after I have entered my data in the web form?

After you have completed and submitted the web form, we will call you to add you to our database.

When will I participate in my first market research survey?

Our survey participants are selected according to the specifications of our clients (e.g. age, gender or marital status, etc.). We make sure that you, as a new survey participant, can take part in a survey as soon as possible, often after a few days or a few weeks; in individual cases, however, it can sometimes take up to two months. Please be patient – you will hear from us.

What happens to my data?

The issue of data protection is of central importance to us. As a matter of principle, we only collect data that we and our clients need to provide the services. The results are passed on to the clients anonymously, i.e. without personal details such as the name or address of the survey participant.

Your personal data will not be disclosed, transferred, sold or otherwise marketed to other companies or institutions unless we have received an explicit declaration of consent from you. This does not apply if we are obliged to disclose and transfer the data by law or by a court ruling.

Is participation in market research studies paid? How much is the compensation?

Of course, you will be compensated for the time yo spend participating in our studies. The amount of compensation depends on the duration, effort and topic of the survey. Surveys on simple or everyday topics such as detergents or sweets are usually less highly remunerated than surveys on more complex topics such as vehicle studies. An average compensation for a two-hour discussion round is around 40€-60€.

How do I receive my compensation?

For individual interviews and group discussions, you will receive your compensation in cash directly after the event. For online surveys and online communities, payment is made within 7 working days via bank transfer.

What happens to the data collected during a market research survey?

The analysis of the data from the survey is strictly separated from the personal data. Our client receives a summary of the results in figures, tables, and the verbatim reproduction of discussion contributions. The survey participants’ personal data is included exclusively as anonymous information (age, gender, education, etc.) and cannot be assigned to the survey results. Your name does not appear anywhere in the results and reports!

What forms of surveys are there?

Our survey participants take part in individual interviews, group discussions, and telephone interviews for market and opinion research. In addition, we also conduct product tests. You usually test the product at home and record your impressions in detail. Occasionally, a product test also takes place at the client’s premises.

Another survey form is the in-home interview at your home. This survey form is usually used when the client wants to test the product for its suitability for everyday use. Here, it is a question of responding to particular product questions and reflecting on them.

How do I respond to an e-mail enquiry?

As soon as we have a survey that fits your profile, you will receive a call or an e-mail from us. If we contact you via e-mail and you are interested and have time, simply click on the reply button of your e-mail programme and confirm your participation with a short message. Of course, you can also confirm your participation via phone.

If you are not interested or do not have time, there is no need to respond to our request.

What is the procedure for a market research event? 

First of all, we ask you to be punctual; ideally you should arrive five minutes before the actual appointment. You sign in at the reception desk with your name and the topic of the event, then you go straight into the discussion round or individual interview. For some discussions you will have to fill in a short questionnaire beforehand. Our talks and discussions are led by professional moderators. After all participants have briefly introduced themselves, the discussion of the topic-related questions begins.

Do sales pitches take place during market research surveys?

No. None of our research involves sales pitches and you will never feel like you are at a promotional event.